Saturday, December 17, 2011

Car accident 被撞了.

Kids and I were driving on the highway and stopped, as all cars in front of us did for the merge, then saw a car fast approaching us from the rear mirror. Boom! Realized that we just got hit and were shocked by the impact. I called Sean and informed him about the news and contacted 911. Then this guy came over and complained why did I stopped on the highway. I was very angry and told him that all cars in front of me were stopped, of course I had to stop.

We got out of the car and saw the traffic backed up from the scene, shivering from both the shock and the cold temperature and making sure that no more cars hit us as we stood outside unprotected. This guy called his friend and asked me where we were and on which highway, he even asked me to talk to his friend about what happened...I refused and said I want to wait until policeman arrived. Wondering why the police hasn't arrived when we need them, but always right there when you break the law.

2 ambulances stopped for 1 second and left us, I wondered how did they know that we didn't have anyone injured if they didn't even get out of the car to check. Anyways, the officer asked for my documents and came back asking me if I saw which guy got out of the driver seat? I was too shocked to pay attention to that. He said both guys were pointing at each other for driving the car, so one of them was lying and he had to figure that out. Turned out the driver / owner? didn't have driver license nor insurance and maybe be drunk, so one (or both? )got arrested in the scene. We were told to go home and the insurance company will take care of it.

Sean and a friend came to support me. We were able to drive the Prius home but was very sad that our new car got a big hit. Despite the scary experience and some future inconveniences, we are very thankful that none of us got injured. I am so touched that Xander told me that he already said a prayer for us. What a night!

You can tell that I must be o.k. otherwise I won't be sitting here and posting.

Lesson learned when you got involved in a car accident: always take a look of the driver and always have hand warmers in the car in the winter. Most importantly, always say a prayer when we have to travel on the road and be very cautious.


So sad

今天下午開車載小朋友在高速公路上時, 前面的車子都停下來, 所以我也停下. 突然從後視鏡看到後面的車子很快的朝我前進. 果然, 我們被撞了. 撞擊力好強, 傑升被嚇哭了, 煒勳也是愣了一下. 我從後視鏡看到這台車的前面扁的很慘, 我先打電話跟老公報備, 請他趕來現場又打電話報警. 駕駛者是一個黑人, 他過來用抱怨的口氣說我為什麼在高速公路上停車. 我沒好氣的說前面的車都停了, 我當然要停下來! 我和小朋友們走到路旁等警察來做報告. 我一直發抖. 一方面是還在驚嚇當中, 一方面是外面好冷. 還好小朋友們都有帶外套出來. 那駕駛者打電話給他朋友, 然後問我我們在那裡和那條高速公路, 他竟然還叫我跟他朋友解釋發生情形. 我拒絶了他, 說我要等警察來再說. 誰知道他是不是要叫他朋友順便錄音還是有的沒有的..

警察來了後跟我要了證件, 過了會又來問我有沒有看到哪個人從駕駛座走出來? 因為兩個人都互指對方才是駕駛者, 我說我當時嚇呆了沒有仔細看誰先下車. 警察說這兩人互指, 有一個人是說謊的, 所以他會去調查. 後來警察給了我張名片, 說保險公司會處理. 我說那對方呢? 他說駕駛者沒有駕照也沒有保險, 而且好像喝醉酒, 所以他要當場逮捕他, 也不知道是抓一個還是二個都抓.

在附近的一個朋友趕來現場, 老公隨後也趕到. 我們決定把車子開回去等星期一再修. 老公說可以想像當時的衝擊力很強因為連roof的天花板都被撞開了. 車子的屁股是一定要修, 車後門關不起來. 希望我們到時可以修好而不用重新買車. 回家的路上我也跟小朋友們解釋, 為什麼要綁安全帶和買保險. 很幸運的, 我們都沒有受傷. 真是不幸中的大幸.

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Khai's birthday 2011 煒勳7 歲生日

It had been more than 8 months since we updated our blog. Let's start with Khai's birthday that took place 2 days ago.
好久沒有更新網頁了. 先從2 天前煒勳的生日說起吧!

Cup cakes for Khai's class.
There are 28 kids in Khai's class this year, we decided to make this cup cake since Easter is right on the corner.
今年煒勳的班上有28個小朋友. 我們做了這個復活節的小蛋糕. 上面的草也可以吃哦!

We usually bought birthday cakes from stores or made a simple rectengle cake, but this year I thought I will try this pirate ship cake. It was fun to decorate the cake. Can't wait to see boys' expression! On the left: Capt Khai (in case you can't tell what they are)
這是媽媽我第一次做這種蛋糕. 以前最多只是做一個長方形或圓形的蛋糕上面塗奶油. 鄰居幫我找到這個圖型及教你如何做切, 還蠻簡單, 蠻好玩的.等不及看小朋友們的表情. 左邊那邊用巧克力糖寫"煒勳船長"

So shy when classmates sang him birthday song.
The class sang him happy birthday, and Khai was so shy. Can you see his face was red? He looked at the floor the whole time during the song.
老師叫煒勳到前面去, 小朋友唱生日快樂歌, 他很不好意思, 有沒有看到他的臉都紅了.

Passing out cup cakes.
One of his good friend helped passing out the cup cakes. Kids were amazed at the cakes.
一位煒勳的好朋友發衛生紙, 另一位幫忙端盤子, 煒勳分蛋糕給同學吃.

Khai took the first bite.
Kids were waiting for Khai to take the first bit. They were excited to eat the grass.
我好訝異全班小朋友都很有禮貌的等煒勳吃第一口. 小朋友們很興奮的吃上面的草及巧克力蛋.

A lego from Xander.
Opening presents. Xander gave him a Ninja lego set.

Nurf guns. Khai was very excited about it.
2人份的玩具槍. 煒勳樂壞了.

Look at those cool soldiers.
Do you think Khai like his toy?

Khai choose to have pizza for his birthday dinner.
Khai chose this restaurant for pizza because the booth has TV.
煒勳想吃披薩, 重點是座子上有電視啦.

Keep blowing.
Blowing candles.

Happy Birthday Khai.

February 2011

Xander learned how to play basketball this year at school. He tried very hard and had lots of fun.
傑升第一次學打籃球. 他很認真的學, 覺得籃球很好玩.

The game is about to start. 要開始比賽囉.

Very proud of his trophy. 得到了一面奬牌, 好高興呀.

Pnewood Derby
Xander designed the car and Sean helped him cut the wood. They sanded the car together and sprayed the paint. We like the rain drops on the car. DD stands for "Dirty Devil", named by Xander.
今年傑升自己設計車型, 爸爸幫他切木頭, 然後2人一起噴漆. 我們很喜歡車上的雨滴.

Ready to race. 準備開跑囉!

Fnished line. 終點站.

December 2010

This year had been an expensive home repairing projects for the Whittier household. We replaced our roof in September and then found out that we had to replace the furnace in December. Unlike the roof that could be waitied for couple years to be replaced, we need the heater in the cold winter, so we decided to replace the furnace immediately. 今年對我們家來講是最貴的家裡維修費的一年. 九月才剛換新屋頂, 結果在12月時發現我們必須換暖氣機. 如果不趕快換的話, 一氧化碳很可能會漏出而從此一覺不起. Old furnace Old furnace in metal pipes that keep about 75% of the heat. 舊的暖氣機是用鐵管連接的, 所以只能保存75% 的熱氣. New furnace The new furnace will pump in fresh air from outside and is connected with PVC pipes that will keep 95% of the heat. We noticed that our house is warmer and fresher after the furnace is installed. 新的暖氣機是用塑膠管連接的, 所以可以保存95% 的熱氣. 而且可以從外面抽新鮮的空氣, 裝好之後我們當晚就發垷新的暖氣機真的比較暖和, 家裡空氣也比較新鮮. 006 I found some clementines in the store the day before the installation. My family loves Mandarin Oranges so I thought I will try to can some clementines while the workers are working on the furnace. 在店裡看到這些橘子, 想說沒有試過用這種橘子做罐頭, 買來試試看吧! 趁工人在安裝暖氣機時我在廚房裡做罐頭. 010 I made about 15 quarts of them in light syrup, tasted them the next day very excitly. Result: NASTY and BITTER. I threw away all of them and reminded myself not to can them again in the future. What a waste of time and money. Note: the picture looks so pretty though. 我做了大約15罐的罐頭, 隔天很興奮的嚐試看看. 哇!! 好苦好難吃哦. 家人們也不喜歡吃, 所以只好把它們全部都倒掉並提醒自己以後不要再做這種橘子罐頭了. 真是浪費金錢和時間. Christmas time 聖誕節 017 Khai's class swabing books. 煒勳班上交換書. Switching presents. Xander's class rotating toys. 傑升班上交換玩具. Belt hanger made by Xander in the cub scout. Xander made and painted this belt hanger for Sean at cub scout. 傑升在幼童軍上做了這個領帶掛勾, 他自己塗的哦! Lego radio. Khai had been asking for a radio for a long time, so he can listen to books on CD. And best of all, it looks like a giant lego. 煒勳一直想要一台收音機, 所以他可以聽音樂和聽書. 最酷的是看起來就像一塊大樂高積木. Got a pair of comfy slippers Pei-I got a new pair of slippers, picked by herself. 我每天都穿拖鞋, 所以挑了一雙很暖和又舒服的室內拖鞋. Ping Pong paddle from Khai Xander is taking a ping pong class and has to borrow the paddle from the teacher every time, so Khai bought him this. 傑升在上桌球課, 每次上課都要跟老師借球拍. 所以今年煒勳送他球拍. Khai drew it by himself. Khai made this at school and he was very proud of it. 煒勳在學校做的. 很可愛的圖案. Presents from aunti Chris. Presents from aunti Chris. 謝謝妙真阿姨的禮物. Thank you grand pa and grand ma. 1000 pcs of army legos. Thank you grandpa and grandma. 爺爺奶奶送的1000片積木.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Replacing our roof 修屋頂

080610 084
Closer look of the shangles, pretty bad huh?? 近距離看我們的屋頂. 瓦片都被曬的蹺起來了.

080610 093
Rip off the shangles. 把舊的瓦片先剷掉.

080610 091
Now the back is clear. 後面的剷好了.

080610 098
This big truck loaded new shangles onto the roof. 大卡車用吊手把新瓦片吊到屋頂上.

080610 101
Part of the new shangles. 舖上新瓦片.

080610 112
Watching a puppy whose owners were out of town for a week. Boys love her.
朋友要出去玩一個禮拜, 所以我們幫他們看狗. 小朋友們對小狗照顧得很周到.

080610 116
Our new roof from the front. 從前面看新屋頂.

080610 118
The new roof from the back. 從後面看新屋頂.